Welcome to the New Year


imageBroccoli and Stilton soupWelcome to the New Year

Welcome, blogging friends to 2014, may you all have happiness and health. This house welcomed the new year by making broccoli and Stilton soup. This was chosen to use up yellowing broccoli and opened Stilton and is yummy! It is simple and quick to make
Our lovely Labadour puppyish dog was intent on destroying his latest soft toy. This is the last cuddly toy that he will have as he can’t rest until all stuffing is all over they house! But he’s gorgeous. I was out walking him at 8 am on New Year’s Day which isn’t bad going. I didn’t meet a soul and it was a fab start to, hopefully, a fab year.
The crafting side of me has itchy fingers, lots of plans,too many ideas and not enough time. I will post as I can and as a create

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