Dashing away with a Smoothing Iron


Dashing away with a Smoothing Iron

This is possibly one of the few times that you will catch me with an iron in my hands. Other than the odd emergency I DO NOT iron! I purposely choose clothes that do not require ironing wherever possible. However, quilting and sewing is the one time when I do work out how to plug an iron in and where I’ve left the ironing board. There is nothing more pleasing than a neatly pressed seam when constructing a quilt. This picture is of a workshop that I carried out on “appliqué my way” at my local quilting group. In fact this particular quilt is one of the few that I have actually finished. As mentioned some time ago I intended to declare 2014 the year of the completed UFOs (Unfinished Objects) time will tell but I will let you know.

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