Really Vintage?


imageimageReally Vintage?

My sister and I took our lovely Mum to a local Garden centre for a trip out. Mum lives in a care home so any outing is a good one. We went to Bents Garden Centre as it is always dressed beautifully for Christmas, and we were not disappointed. They had fabulous trees each dressed by different members of staff. My favourite was the one in the picture. The owl was gorgeous.

There were also “rooms” decorated in lush furnishing. I really liked the iconic 70s with the orange paper,guitar and Ercol style furniture. However I must ask the question when does Vintage begin and end? I remember the 70s very well. My first lounge,when newly married, was a replica of this room. But I thought vintage was before then or does it just mean the recent past but closer than “antique”? The plot thickens.

We really had a great trip out with Mum complaining that she had spent no money. Forgetting that the wheel chair was nearly falling over with shopping bags full of purchases. One of the benefits of old elderly memory loss!


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  1. The general rule of thumb used to be that an item ‘100 years old or older was antique’ this again with the modern generation of retailing I understand is changing but it is a fairly original guide to follow’

    Vintage or ‘Retro’ now you are speaking is something completely different……see wikopedia but in real terms it is due to ‘past fashions’ & era styling hence what was available at the time, this may be because it was say…..cheaper than was currently available, innovative (new technology at the time, so was a ‘must have’) or frankly what the general poulation at the time liked! Would you have thought that the Rubiks Cube is now vintage/retro? Finally I understand that ‘an age’ doesn’t have to apply to a vintage item if it is desirable from a past time? Hope this helps Si x