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12 Sewing Blogs that inspire me to sew + a few


My favourite post (currently)đź‘Ť

Drama Queen Seams

Hey everyone,  today I have a list of 12 sewing blogs that inspire me to sew more… This is so I can sew pretty things that make me or my home feel and look beautiful.  If you like to sew or want to learn how to sew these 12 blogs can help. Hope you take the time to look around.


Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s land is simply amazing!

Her sewing is so beautiful and her photography… Well, breathtaking!

Karen over at Sew Many Ways has the most amazing craft and sewing room ever…

Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom is always coming up with these super fabulous yet simple sewing projects.  This tote is so cool.

A Beautiful Mess is a very inspiring blog that I could spend hours and hours looking at all of the pretty projects they have to offer.  I just…

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I used to be a Doily but now I am Bunting!


I used to be a Doily but now I am Bunting!

I’ve got a craft fair this coming week end so I am working hard putting a stall together. I’ve made a lot of candles in china cups,vintage inspired cushions and some bunting with a difference. The bunting is made using damaged or stained vintage embroidery or crocheted doilies. It was really simple but I felt really brave taking the scissors to some of the fabrics. But as I have said previously I do have an un reasonably large stash of vintage textiles and lace!
I’m pleased with the end result and feel that if I don’t sell it I will use it myself. I’ve got plans for one more attack on my stash with another different length of bunting. So hopefully I will show you tomorrow.đź‘‹

Culture and Coast


imageimageCulture and Coast

What a lovely week-end!
First I went to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic hall to listen to Mozart’s Requiem. A first on the culture front for me. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I was very pleasantly surprised. The “sound” was stunning with fantastic acoustics,and the talent was amazing. I expected the Requiem to be a dirge but it was surprisingly uplifting and inspiring. “If music be the food of love” I had a feast!
Second we spent The Best Sunday morning at the beach. We took Damnvan1 out for a winter drive and introduced Benji to the beach. He was a real beach babe, loving the freedom,water and sand. It was a beautiful November day and we all enjoyed our walk along the Conwy estuary.

Vintage stilts?


Vintage stilts?

When I was making the Ginger Cake mentioned in an earlier posting, I was whisked back in time to my childhood. OK it is quite a while ago-I told you that I am vintage!!
The object that transported me back in time was a tin of “Lyles Golden Syrup” Strange as it might seem my Mum used to save theses tins which are stronger than the usual can. She would wash them out and when she had two make me a pair of stilts. My Dad would use a hammer and awl to make two holes -one on each side at the top,below the lid rim. String was then threaded through one hole,across the tin top and through the other hole. The string was then knotted leaving the string a good length. The lid was firmly put on and voila a stilt. Two tins and away I would totter!
My foot would be on the tin lids with the string forming a handle. Holding a string in each hand I could now walk on the tins keeping them tight under each shoe! I wouldn’t dare to try it now as I’d probably break an ankle! Happy days!

Another cushion creation


Tray clMy stash of vintage textiles has been reduced a little more today. I have made another cushion using two oval tray cloths. The scalloped edge is very pretty and would make a lovely cushion for a bedroom. The tray cloths are both hand embroidered and are lovely examples of a bye gone time. I have a plan to make vintage bunting using doilies before the craft fair and then all that I have to do is to sell them!image


imageimageimageI have been sorting through my stash of vintage textiles (again) and I REALLY need to sort out and move some on. Space in our tiny cottage is at a premium and the situation is getting serious! With this in mind I have been sorting out vintage tray cloths and re-modeling as cushions. I chose two cloths of similar size,stitched them together and stuffed with filling and hey presto a cushion! I used white blanket stitch along the right side to join the cloths.

During my sorting I came across a pair of chair backs which my Grandmother embroidered over sixty years ago. These chair backs were made to protect the back of chairs from a gentlemans hair oil! This hair dressing was Macassar oil and the chair backs were known as Anti macassars. Here endeth the history lessonđź’š These Antimassars now adorn chairs in my home -so I do use my vintage collection as it was intended.

All this sorting out has resulted in two tray cloths less and one cushion which I hope to sell at a village craft fair in a few weeks. More about that later.

Is it Christmas already?


Today I visited Chester which is my closest city. Chester is actually quite small by city standards but is historic (the Romans built it!), interesting and full of lovely shops. The reason for going was that my favourite craft shop in the whole World had declared the arrival of Christmas! Now I don’t normally acknowledge the presence of Christmas until 1st December, but was curious to find out what was going on.

Sue,the owner, had dressed the shop called Liberty Bell in all the Christmas finery It was covered from floor to ceiling in Christmas ornaments,gifts, crafts and fabrics. It smelt yummy and mince pies were on hand.ImageInterestingly Liberty Bell is situated on what are called “The Rows” These are two storey shops right through Chester the upper storey of which have balconies to walk along. Liberty Bell is located on the upper storey accessed by steep old steps and is an Aladins Cave of crafting treats.

Following our visit to Liberty Bell we visited a themed cafe situated on the Lower Row beneath Liberty Bell. imageThe cafe is based on the TV  series Friends and is called “Cafe on the Perk” Good fun,good coffee and good Parkin (cake)  So perhaps Christmas has come a little early but what a good evening out!Image



Yogurt pot Benji

I finished the cowl that I mentioned on the previous post. It is warm and snuggly but there is something not perfect about it. I think it’s the yarn that I chose and the colour. It somehow looks a bit “immature” and amateurish ( which it is!) Ah well, lesson learned. I will now attempt a more sophisticated cowl perhaps more chunky and cables and clever twists!

Gorgeous dog Benji is making me move. I was out walking him at 7.30 this morning. It was beautiful on the country lanes so autumnal and brisk. Benji is settling in well and feels part of the family. I have now got him pet insured, and food adjusted. He loves to lick the yogurt pot, run fast off the lead and sit on our knees!

We are continuing to work on the house and do all the odd jobs that got missed because we’ve been away so much this year. I need to work on some crafts for the craft fair I’m doing in a few week. I’ve made tea cup candles and was thinking about putting some candle making kits together as well. I must stop buying tea cups,wax,vintage lace etc etc…….

Watch this spot as I am off to a vintage fair and might just find more vintage treasures!