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The Katniss Cowl Revealed!


Love this snugly cowl❄


I knew that this was destined to be mine from the moment I saw the first Catching Fire trailer.

Introducing the Katniss Cowl…

Katniss Cowl 1

I have to say, I love Katniss Everdeen. Unlike a lot of heroines in YA fiction, she is tough and takes care of herself. However, she’s still human, and she has many loving relationships that mean everything to her. She has a balance that I feel like a lot of female characters lack. While she spends most of the books kicking ass and taking names, she’s not just a stereotypical Amazon. She has depth, and we can understand her feelings, even if she can get a little angsty at times. (What teenager doesn’t? Even if they aren’t destined to save the world.) As awful as it would be to live in the dystopian future that is the setting for the Hunger Games, Katniss can handle anything (and…

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Handmade Craft Fair


Handmade Craft Fair

Our village hall held a handmade craft fair this weekend. The day was really good with a lovely, friendly atmosphere. Around 200 people visited all in search of Christmas gifts. There is a community cafe every Saturday afternoon in this village hall and always sells yummy homemade cake.(cheap!)
I shared a craft table with a friend. The friend sold really good handmade knits and I sold my candles in vintage china tea cups. The day was very lucrative for me and provided some ready cash to buy more cups! (Don’t tell husband!)
I have a few candles left so will supplement them with a few more and I have a date at the local school Christmas fair. So maybe I will make more money to buy more vintage china!
I must stage my photographs with more care as the white mug in the photograph is my coffee. It was so busy that I rushed to snap the picture whilst I had some cups left! But I also had some coffee left.