Knit and Natter


ImageBENJI the most obedient dog !

ImageKnitting in progress

I have returned to knitting in a much bigger way than I have for years. This is largely due to my local craft group who help and inspire my ongoing projects (of which there are lots!) This picture is one of my current projects and is an attempt at Fair Isle which I haven’t done for years. I hope that I haven’t pulled the colours too tight, but I think that a good press before sewing up will sort it out. I am delighted with the yarn. This is 100% Alpaca and is lovely and soft. Hopefully the end product will be a success. Watch this space but maybe for quite a while.

last week end we took our new dog, Benji, to an obedience dog show. Not to compete, I hasten to add,but to teach his owners a thing or two.It was a great education and the obedience trained dogs were fantastic. Benji is very clever so we hope to train him well. Certainly not to competitor standard but to a socially acceptable level where he walks on a lead next to us and doesn’t jump up etc. I told him to look and learn but he was very busy with a dozens of new experiences.


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  1. What a stunning looking dog! he is gorgeous. Love your blog as well! Now I know how you did those tea cup candles!! x


  2. Oh Barb Benji is gorgeous hope the owners learn a thing or two ha. Clever girl with your knitting lovely complimentary colours , but if I were you I most certainly wouldn’t press it, with it being alpaca it could stretch it and take the guts out of it. you have put to much work into it and the wool is expensive, when it has its first hand wash you can dry it flat and that should sort it out love Joy ps hope that helps xx