Is it an Afghan? Is it a Blanket?


I made this bright and cheerful Granny Squares blanket as a house warming present for my lovely daughter and family 👪 ! think that my American friends would call it an Afghan. It is made up of a number of larger squares surrounded by smaller ones. Whilst I was making it Grand children had great fun re-arranging the rainbow colours. I started it to use up some of my yarn stash but of course ended up buying more, but that’s the fun!

I’ve recently had it back for repair. I think that I haven’t either started or finished sewing the squares together firmly enough. My simple solution in future is just to make one big blanket sorry afghan! But no! I must NOT start another project until I have completed at least two un- finished projects (Or UFOs) I must say that I have started labelling what I make as a gift to make it specialImageImage

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