Work in Progress!



Hello this is a short introduction to what I hope ( know!) will become a regular,interesting and informative blog.

Noddfacrafts is a blog about the art of collecting, finding and re-using vintage treasures. It is also about everyday crafts including knitting,quilting,sewing and dreaming about what to do next!

My other blog aka damnvan1 is my first foray into the world of blogging and I have learnt so much on a very steep learning curve. It is now time to refine my blog and retain damnvan1 as a travel blog only. This means a NEW blog noddfacrafts which I hope to grow into crafting,vintiquing,make do and mending and hopefully interesting  ideas and discussion. I will always enjoy constructive criticism and comments.

I have included a picture today of “work in progress” a nearly finished quilt. I do have a lot of “nearly finished items” and one day I will make a supreme effort……

I will start a list of my simple pleasures, many of which don’t cost much money, mainly time.

* searching craft shops and car boots for lost gems.




*Vintage fairs


*Travel adventures (and camper vans)

*Baking -and sadly eating the results!

etc. etc. the list is very long so I will add and refine as I go.

Thank you for reading my new baby blog and I will watch up soon.

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